Life on the Outskirts: Kingston Workshop

Monday 4th December 2017
1pm TO 5pm
Knights Park Campus, Kingston School of Art, KT2 2QJ

The third workshop of the ‘Life on the Outskirts’ project, will continue to explore creative archives in collaboration with The University of Leeds, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Helen Storey Foundation.

‘Life on The Outskirts: Making Sense of a Creative Life’ aims to inspire new ways of thinking across art, science, design and technology. This London based workshop will consider how archives can be used for education, public engagement, and creative and commercial purposes. The workshop will focus upon the Helen Storey Foundation archive as a case study and those attending will be asked to interact with the archive and respond to its content in creative ways.

This hands-on session will be held at Kingston School of Art from 1pm until 5pm and is primarily aimed at those studying creative practices at University level. Hosted by Dr Rob Knifton (University of Leeds) and Dr Alison Slater (Manchester Metropolitan University), the session will also introduce Caroline Coates and Helen Storey, from the Helen Storey Foundation.