Katherine Brown, A Small Yet Significant Difference

“Act, like we have just enough time. Live, like it runs out today.” – Helen Storey 

“Every minute, one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans.” – World Economic Forum 

Helen Storey’s transition from couture fashion to making a difference in the world really inspired me. I too wanted to create work that would provoke thought and promote positive change. Helen recommended that I find a problem to become my passion and so ocean pollution became my focus. 

I began to harvest ocean waste as an archive of material for new work. Plastics and objects removed from the beach became encased in bubbles of upcycled fabric to represent the ingestion of waste by marine life. Some of these are overtly bright and hide the plastic within to signify the current “out of sight, out of mind” approach of human waste disposal. Sea glass provides a heaviness to the jewellery pieces and resembles the emotional burden I personally feel due to the problem. Eventually there will be multiple necklaces that will collectively create an overwhelming weight. This will represent the choking effect of the plastics pollution on our seas. 

The photos are documentation of the beach clean-up work I have been doing when at home in Northumberland in an effort to make my small yet significant difference in my local area. There is also some donated waste I have received to show how my small efforts have influenced others to make a change. 

My work is currently an art form based on raising awareness. This exhibition is therefore documenting my journey in a way that will inspire others to collect, and potentially use, ocean waste to make their own creative work. If you are particularly intrigued by my work or have any questions I would like to hear from you! 

Together we can end plastic pollution. 


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