Life on the Outskirts Symposium, February 2018

One of the aims of the Life on the Outskirts project is to highlight a pathway through the creative opportunities that archives can offer. Seeking to encourage fresh creativity by revisiting past practice, LOTO uses the Helen Storey Foundation archive as both case study and inspiration.


On February 9th, the Life on the Outskirts symposium took place. This symposium, hosted at Manchester School of Art, brought together academics who are interested in, inspired by and/or working with small creative archives. We challenged speakers to provide insight into the multiple challenges and opportunities faced by small creative archive collections and those working with them. The selection of papers explored how the archives of small creative organisations (and small creative collections within archive settings) offer multiple potential applications and encounter varying difficulties, including: artistic interventions in creative archives; using creative archives for teaching purposes; developing digital access in creative archives; engaging members of the
public with creative archives; and the potential commercial mobilisation of creative archives.

The wonderful speakers delivered talks which excited questions from the audience and provided food for thought. The outlines of the papers, and the speakers bibliographies, can be found in the Symposium Booklet which is available for further reading.

LOTO Symposium Booklet

We would like to thank all who submitted papers; attended the symposium; delivered presentations; and helped to make the event a success.


A Special Edition Journal is planned following the symposium to further develop the ideas discussed. For more information, please get in touch: lotohsf@gmail.com