Natalie Goodall, Delicacy

Life on the Outskirts has made me question the boundaries of creating something with purpose, that could influence people’s thoughts and perspective. The workshops have enabled me to show my potential in being able to understand my process and its relation to the archive. The focus and interest of Helen’s work for me is the exciting crossovers and interaction between interdisciplinary natures such as science, fashion and art. The archive has given me confidence to take risks and value my influences as Textile artist/ designer.  

Exploring the archive, I connected with how Helen Storey explores issues surrounding the environment addressing some of the world’s greatest problems such as the lack of drinking water. Addressed in ‘Wonderland’ where through collaboration the potential of the unimaginable became real. ‘Wonderland’ is able to respond to lived experience in a thoughtful and inventive manner. Seeing the disappearing dress [Wonderland collection] that took months to create disintegrate connected to the place of unfathomable loss.  Questioning the initial issues addressed by Wonderland enabled me to question the process and consequences of drought. Captivated by the production of a new water purification device devised through the collaboration of Helen and Professor Tony Ryan I took the ubiquitous subject of drought as the basis for exploring ideas about experience, representation and mediation.  

Questioning the ways in which I could translate my ideas into fabric encouraged me to further explore the process and techniques used within Helen’s practice. The Planet Velvet dress discovered the method of devioring. Inspired by the aesthetics of stripping a fabric’s surface and the ability of manipulating materials through heat allowed me to see the delicacy of a fabric whilst exploring the physical processes and mental stability caused by drought.  Devore allowed me to remove fibres without causing injury to the Textile itself. Looking through the devore enabled me to see how the exploration of identity can be extended as part of the fabric is transparent and other part is opaque.