Warren Reilly, Plastic A La Mode – S.O.S.

Helen Storey and Life on the Outskirts have given me the chance to question my morality as an artist / designer and inspired me to explore issues greater than my own; problems that affect the world in, which we all live and breathe…” Warren Reilly  


As I begin to develop my identity as a young designer I have realised that the scale of power and responsibility in my hands is phenomenal. I want to use this opportunity to challenge and fight against deeply-rooted issues in the world including political, humanitarian and environmental factors. I was deeply disturbed by the imagery depicted by Sky’s documentary A Plastic Whale and incredibly moved by the work of Sir David Attenborough and the Blue Planet series. Companies and organisations such as Green Peace and Seaqual have also provided an influx of inspiration and sense of hope.  

In response to this I present Plastic A La Mode – S.O.S. Fashion to save and protect the ocean. I have sourced waste materials both through my own consumption and that of others around me. My work presents to you the catastrophic consequences that our behaviour is having on the planet. Every piece of plastic used within these pieces have been recycled or reclaimed and translated into fashion based outcomes. I wanted to highlight our disregard of the environment as a species, turning the grotesque into a fashion spectacle.  

Plastic A La Mode displays a conceptual response to how we may be able to revert these atrocities. By creating a series of dresses and accessories that have now been presented through photography and within an exhibition environment, I want to remind the world of the age old Mantra “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.  


For more information Please contact me Via email or social media,  

Instagram @wr.designs_  

Email wr.designs@outlook.com  

* Northern Quarter Photoshoot Acknowledgements *  

Photographer: Beth Lewis – Graduate of Fashion Promotion  

Make up Stylist: Lily Parker – Textiles in Practice  

Assistant Director:  Amber Bayley – Textiles In practice  

Assistant Stylist: Meryeme Shone – Fashion Promotion  

Models: Fiona Burton and Jessica Hunt – Textiles in practice