Writing a Postcard

What fascinated me the most among the pieces in the Helen Storey Foundation’s archive that we were able to see were the postcards.

It is curious how they can go from something cliché, like how one’s holidays are going, or wishes of happy birthdays or happy Christmases, to something much personal, such as advice for overcoming a difficult time, or motivation to carry on. It is also interesting to note how sometimes the image on a postcard may or may not relate to the message it carries. The four postcards available showed that Helen [Storey] and Caroline [Coates] sometimes used the image on the postcard to illustrate or contextualise the message they would be sending. This amazes me because I realised that postcards can tell a story. And this fired up my imagination a little.

From the many ideas that came to my head, two stood out as the best ways to respond to the HSF archive: stitching the messages on postcards onto handkerchiefs or clothing; and adapting postcard(s) in its(their) whole to fit in a matchbox or a small flask, something that we can carry at all times.

Notes & Initial Idea_S Byrne


Sofia Byrne, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Art and Design, University of Leeds

6th February 2018