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Matilda Eckersley, 3rd Year, BA (Hons) Fine Art

Primitive Streak is the aspect of the [HSF] archive that I have decided to focus…

Hattie Thomas, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Fine Art (MMU)

A reflection on LOTO in Manchester

Today I had the pleasure of taking part in the Helen Storey Foundation project, ‘Life on…

Helen Storey Story Board, Warren Reilly, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice

  “Helen Storey and “Life on the Outskirts” has given me the chance to…

Natalie Goodall, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice (MMU)

Amanda Shropshire, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Textiles in Practice (MMU)

Lizzie Rees Gara, 3rd Year, BA (Hons) Graphic Design (MMU)

Claire Batt, 3rd Year, BA (Hons) 3D Design (MMU)

Flesh, Faye Hamblett-Jones, 2nd Year, BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

  “I was inspired by Helen’s use of clothing as a Trojan horse for…

LOTO goes to Manchester

The ‘Life on the Outskirts’ project involves students from Manchester Metropolitan University, the University…

‘Catalytic Clothing’, Herself (Photo by Ezzidin Alwan for HSF & Kingston University)